Vote for Erin Upchurch May 2, 2017

Vision for CCS

Vision for Columbus City Schools

"Erin is committed to improving the lives of children through education and wellness."

-Public Health Advocate


"We have a power potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends." (Mary McCleod bethune)

The time is now to breathe life back into our schools and our communities. We must stand for our youth and fight for their lives.

Resources and opportunities should be equitable and equal across the district; families should not have to leave their neighborhood schools and travel across the city for viable and quality education.  Educators need to be supported in engaging their students in learning, and provided with the resources necessary to meet the unique needs of their students. We need to determine and address the reasons for failure and then work to remove the barriers to our collective success

Education is life to our communities. Our children have the right to do more than survive; and it is our responsibility as a community to support and uphold their thriving. When we know that the quality of education is directly related to our ability to succeed, we are then mandated to ensure quality and equitable education for all. 

We can do better for our children and our community!

Advocacy & Empowerment

Students' lives do not end the moment they leave their school buildings; which means that everyday they are showing up with the challenges and realities of their lives, that ultimately impact their ability to engage in learning. Current educational structures follow a linear plan of engagement, leaving out non traditional learners and those with varying degrees of ability. Families and youth need support to navigate systems, and to engage in resources that encourage mental and emotional wellness.


  • Engage with community initiatives that provide diverse options for success.
  • Empower families to be partners in their students' education.
  • Promote social and emotional wellness as universal support to students and their families.
  • Support increased resources for teachers.

Operational & Fiscal Accountabilty

One of the greatest strengths of CCS is the over 100 options from which families can choose for their education experience. And the greatest challenge, perhaps is that the opportunities are not equitable in terms of resource and overall quality. Families should not have to leave their neighborhood schools and travel across town for viable and quality education. Every child in Columbus is entitled to high-quality education.



  • Invest in resources that directly address the impact of poverty on educational outcomes.
  • Advocate for resource equity and equality across the district.
  • Increased partnerships with community based organizations to provide additional resources and support.



Improved Public & Private Partnerships

Communities and schools are strongly linked — one seldom succeeds without the other. Schools need families and communities that are involved in the education of students; communities need schools that serve as centers of neighborhood life. As we invest in our youth we are investing in future generations of leaders, business owners, and members of the community.



  • Innovative and progressive relationships with community partners and businesses to support the success of our students.
  • Advocate for Board representation at County and City economic development meetings to speak to the interests of students and staff within Columbus City Schools.
  • Active engagement in community conversations to adequately respond to concerns and develop priorities.